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About the community

The worldwide escape game community is growing from day to day. Thanks to the numerous game operators with their individually designed rooms and exciting mysteries, enthusiasts of this free time trend remain just as thrilled as newcomers after every game.

We too are massive fans of this game format and have made it our job to provide general information, as well as our knowledge of the community, to players and prospective players so that they have the best overview of the game operators in their area – and this worldwide. We do this because we know that once you have played your first escape game then you can’t wait to play again!

 As well as a detailed overview of Escape Game operator locations you will find here all the individual rooms they offer with a description of each mission. This is also the place where you can then share your game reviews.

Providers of live escape games which we haven’t listed yet are naturally invited, with the help of our contact form, to be added to our portal.

However we certainly don’t want any spoilers giving the game away. For this reason every review will be checked and verified by us before it appears on escape-gamer.com.

Prevent an assassination, escape from prison, getaway from an alien invasion, stop a robbery or pull-off your very own Coup!? 

You’re real team players and the perfect free time activity for you includes excitement, thrills and a mental challenge? Then you are Escape Gamers! One team. One room. One mission. To escape! Search, collect ideas, calculate, link thoughts, test things out, think outside the box, reach a conclusion and sometimes scrap it all and start again from scratch.

Lots of small puzzles lead up to solving the big mystery and suddenly everything makes sense. Whoever acts clever and matches A with B, bravely experiments and is a team player who can help guide the group has the best chance of bringing the mission to a successful end.

Not only have live escape games established themselves as a free time trend in metropolitan capitals such as Berlin, New York and Moscow, but they are also sweeping across the globe from Asia to the USA in many small and large towns and cities in a successful format which cannot be stopped. Once you’ve tasted the adrenalin rush of solving the many puzzles which lead to your escape then it’s hard to stop trying new games. There are already professional escape gamers out there ensuring that no secret is safe and manage to find the keys to every lock and safe.

It’s time for one portal which unites all fans of this contemporary escape game. You can view reviews and ratings for all the games worldwide and also share your own experiences with the gamer community here.

Welcome to escape-gamer.com!